The Finnish Delivery Champion will be crowned on Narinkka Square in Kamppi in spring 2022. In the Delivery Championships, delivery professionals compete to find out who has the best delivery skills and knowledge.

The event brings together all the most important operators and partners in the field to enjoy a day of sportsmanship in central Helsinki. A fun programme has also been prepared for the audience.

The competition includes a track section and a quiz section. To test the accuracy and speed of the delivery professionals, a competition track will be built on Narinkka Square. In addition, the competitors’ knowledge of the field of delivery will be tested in a quiz. The highlight of the day will be the competition track finale.


Registering for the Finnish Delivery Championships

The Finnish Delivery Championships is open for delivery professionals employed by member companies of Finnmedia. The participants of the Delivery Championships only represent themselves. In addition, the most successful delivery company will be awarded. The competition includes separate sections for skills and knowledge.

Member companies are free to choose their method for picking their participants, and the companies take care of registering the participants. If you would like to participate, contact the representative of your employer. The companies’ contact persons and their contact details are listed below.


Participation fees

The fee for participants is €200/person + VAT (for companies organising the event) and €230/person (other member companies). In addition to participation, the fee covers lunch for the participants.


Contact persons for companies

Ilves Jakelu, Pertti Leppänen

Jakelusepät Päijät-Häme, Marika Jousala

Jakelusepät Savo, Hanne Kortelainen

Kaleva Media, Jani Koski

Lounais-Suomen Tietojakelu, Teija Kiiskilä

Posti Palvelut, Jani Pilli

Varsinais-Suomen Tietojakelu, Teija Kiiskilä